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On what exchange is Liquidmetal Technologies traded?
Liquidmetal Technologies stock is being quoted over-the-counter on the Bulletin Board Electronic Quotation Service under the trading symbol LQMT.OB.
When was Liquidmetal Technologies’ initial public offering?
The Liquidmetal Technologies' initial public offering was conducted in May 2002.
When is Liquidmetal Technologies’ fiscal year end?
Liquidmetal Technologies’ fiscal year end is December 31.
Do Liquidmetal Technologies shares pay a dividend?
No, Liquidmetal Technologies currently does not issue cash dividends, choosing instead to reinvest profits into operations.
Where can I find a history of Liquidmetal Technologies' stock closing price?
Historical stock prices and charts can be found on Stock Information page.
Who is Liquidmetal Technologies’ transfer agent?
American Stock Transfer and Trust. Liquidmetal’s transfer agent handles all issues concerning stock certificates, including issuing, transferring, or lost certificates and address changes.
Who is Liquidmetal Technologies' Auditors?
Singer Lewak LLP
When and where was Liquidmetal Technologies incorporated?
Liquidmetal Technologies was incorporated in 1987 in the State of California. Effective May 2003 we became a Delaware Corporation.
Where are the corporate offices of Liquidmetal Technologies?
30452 Esperanza
Rancho Santa Margarita, California 92688
Phone: 949-635-2100